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The CE-marked BlueStain® allows you to stain all types of cytology specimens in just 2 minutes!

An in vitro diagnostic medical device that meets high quality standards and allows you to stain a variety of cytological samples simply and quickly, with clear definition of cell structures, either in conventional or thinprep smears, fixed in alcohol or dried at room temperature.

This medical device is a reliable clinical tool for the evaluation of the suitability, screening, and preliminary diagnosis of a variety of cytology specimens.

Its application optimizes resource usage and puts the device at the disposal of all forms of screenable cancer through cytology.

Gynecological cytology slide stained by the BlueStain® method

This staining method has also overcome the difficulty, or even impossibility, of applying conventional staining techniques in geographically remote locations with scarce human and/or financial resources. In many countries around the world, cytology-based screening or diagnosis is not possible, or when it exists, it offers very late results and very low clinical accuracy. Conventional cytology techniques are still a mirage for many populations worldwide. With BlueStain® we want to turn this around and therefore put people at the center of our scientific research.

Coupled with the swiftness and innovation of staining, it is possible to explore digital pathology through scanning equipment, transforming slides into digital cytology, which will allow diagnosis, remotely, anywhere in the world by pathologists.

This in vitro diagnostic medical device meets the performance requirements for in vitro diagnostic use under Regulation (EU) 2017/746.

Key Strengths

The BlueStain® method consists of cytoplasmic and nuclear staining, which can be performed in just 2 minutes, allowing:

a) Definition of nuclear details, providing a perfect analysis of inflammatory and neoplastic changes.
b) Cytoplasmic transparency, of particular importance because of the different cell thicknesses and frequent cell overlap in the sample.

Meeting quality requirements, short staining time and ease of use are advantages of this new stain. Exposure to hazardous chemicals is minimized compared to other staining agents, since only one solvent is used. Furthermore, BlueStain® is more economical compared to other commercial dyes in clinical practice, as it requires less manpower and reagents. This innovation in sustainability will enable higher lab productivity, without compromising stain quality and lowering the cost per slide.

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