About Us

CESPU Diagnóstico, S.A., is a company of the CESPU Group, a Higher Education Institution that has been training highly qualified health professionals for over 40 years. In 2012, the notoriety in the research produced in the pathological anatomy and cytology field led to the creation of a startup of the CESPU Group (Targetalent), which was later renamed to CESPU Diagnóstico, with the objective of introducing a disruptive technology for the staining of cytology samples in the market.

Its core business is the research, production, and marketing of in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

The Bluestain® project resulted from the need to materialize a research project with a business vocation. Its purpose is to promote point of care diagnostic solutions and provide simplified diagnostic processes that can reach the entire population, with high quality standards guaranteed by scientific validation by experts in the field.

CESPU Diagnóstico owns another CE marked in vitro diagnostic medical device consisting of a viral medium kit that allows the collection, transport and preservation of saliva samples for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV2 by the molecular biology method (RT-PCR).

As a multi-award-winner in the research area, we intend to affirm ourselves as an innovative and differentiated company in the national and international market.

The research developed by CESPU Diagnóstico is certified by SGS as part of the Research Management System according to standard NP 4457 - Management of Research, Development and Innovation.

For the design, development and manufacture of medical devices, CESPU Diagnostics uses the NP EN ISO 13485 - Medical devices, management systems, regulatory requirements standard as a reference.

Política da Organização

For CESPU DIAGNÓSTICO, Quality Assurance is an unquestionable way to satisfy our Customers and to continuously improve our products and services. Besides being indispensable, in the area of cytological and molecular diagnosis in which our company operates, Research and Development is strategic.

It brings all these concepts together in a unique approach, striving for day-to-day management of quality, knowledge, and innovation, to develop and present to society innovative solutions targeted at molecular and cytological diagnostics, and development of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, ensuring compliance with applicable requirements, acceptance by the scientific community and regulatory authorities, and providing value to health professionals and patients.

Focused on sustainability and internal efficiency, it aims to ensure that stakeholders have complete confidence in its activity, which it governs according to the following principles:

  • Promote critical and innovative thinking in the respective areas of research and development by its employees;
  • Encourage motivation, creativity and qualification of the team, stimulating innovative ideas, which can be transformed into projects capable of generating value for the market to which it is directed and for the people;
  • Ensure permanent interaction between scientific and technological systems;
  • Maintain the focus on quality and innovation and see these two characteristics as two fundamental pillars for organizational development and for CESPU DIAGNÓSTICO to become a Company of reference in this sector;
  • Act ethically and with integrity, focusing on exceeding the needs and expectations of the various interested parties;
  • Ensure that the evolution of the Company is based on the daily improvement of Quality and the continuous training of its employees;
  • Adopt measures to reduce/optimize resources and increase the Company's competitiveness, ensuring sustained growth and the conquest of the market;
  • Ensure compliance with the applicable requirements.

To guarantee the respective effectiveness, the Board of Directors of CESPU DIAGNÓSTICO commits itself to periodically evaluate the suitability of the Organization’s Policy, the Organizational Objectives and the Integrated Management System implemented.

Main Researchers

Prof. Dr. Fernando Ferreira

  • PhD Dentist
  • Pathology Technician
  • Clinical Director in Health Care Units
  • Patent Co-Founder
  • Expert of the Medical Dentists Order
  • Chairman of the General Assembly CESPU

Dr. Paula Melo

  • Pathology Technician
  • Pathology & Molecular Genetics Doctoral Student
  • Responsible for laboratory investigation
  • Patent Co-Founder
  • Assistant Professor in the Polytechnic Institute of Health North

CESPU Diagnóstico, S.A.
Rua Central de Gandra, 1317
4585-116 Gandra - Paredes - Portugal
Email: diagnostico@cespu.pt
Contact: +351 936 200 856
NIPC: 510221530

The company's IDI Management System is certified according to NP 4457:2007.